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About Diane


You know that you are listening to the very heart and soul of this woman.
A petite powerhouse with the ability to belt out ballads, sob the blues, ranging from smoky to soulful, funk to jazz, Diane performs her heartfelt songs effortlessly.

Music’s unique healing power has helped her develop from an edgy youth to someone who embodies the freedom and discipline that music encompasses. Diane began her professional training in piano, guitar and vocals at the age of eight. Her early teachers and mentors who helped her cultivate her talent will tell you she is dedicated to her craft. There has never been anything else. Diane has committed her life to music.


Postell attended Berklee College of Music in Boston prior to moving to Los Angeles. There, she would work with some industry greats like Richard Druz, Lenny Greene and Frank Zappa. She absorbed their skills, talents and techniques. After singing with many bands in the area, Diane found gospel music and joined a church with Pastor Rowena Frisco in Inglewood. Frisco taught Diane what gospel music was all about and she has carried it with her since.
While in Los Angeles, Diane worked with at-risk youth at the Hathaway Home for Children and was inspired to change lives through music.
And so it began…


Diane returned to the East Coast to complete her formal education at New York University where she received a BA in music performance. There she studied and performed with world class musicians: Anne Bartos, Barry Harris, Marion Cowings and Jimmy Sigler. She developed an immense love and appreciation for jazz and she integrated that to craft her own singing style.

Diane formed the Diane Postell Band and toured the mid-Atlantic region performing a mixture of blues, rock, rnb, soul, gospel and jazz. Hoping to reach a larger audience, Diane wrote, arranged, and produced her solo debut, What I Got To Say. 

Performing at many top venues, hearing her songs played across the internet, even on international stations, and meeting the industry’s top professionals prompted Diane to take the next step. She studied the intricacies of the industry and formed Postell Productions. The company started with an emphasis on empowering and presenting musicians in concert.

Diane and Chaka Khan.jpeg

A true survivor, her mission with music has always been to express herself. Diane has committed herself to empowering people to successfully express themselves. She truly believes that music’s healing power can transform perspectives, emotions and lives.

Diane Postell has passionately faced many challenges throughout her life and yet she continues to be inspired. Diane has found music to be a great solace; a comforting source in tough times. Diane’s goal is to provide that to everyone who desires passion in their own lives.

Diane continues to work in several facilities for troubled kids and teens; she has taken her musical skill, training and techniques and transferred those abilities to her students and future artists. Diane Postell has found her methods extremely successful with children of autism and those suffering from mental illness. Postell is an advocate for this gifted and talented and more highly vulnerable population. Currently, she is pursuing grants to develop a program that uses lyric writing as a literacy tool.

Postell Productions continues to encourage and help artists of all backgrounds develop and package their product. Postell has the unique ability to get her artists to express their individual strengths and talents with the belief that everyone has their own voice.

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