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Diane is absolutely amazing with children, and particularly patient with the ones whom most of society struggle to understand. She is dynamic, passionate, and knows how healing vocal and musical expression can be for everyone.  Get a lesson or book a gig soon!!”   

 Tracey LeBarron - Baltimore


I had a great experience in my lessons with Diane. I tour, travel, perform live, and record constantly and my voice is under constant and tremendous demands. As a seasoned performer and teacher, Diane truly understands the demands and stresses that a pro singer encounters and she taught me exercises and gave me great advice that I've applied time and time again. Thanks Diane!”

Melanie Taylor - Los Angeles  (toured with Bette Midler, Aerosmith, John Mayer, Barry Manilow)


Diane is a superb voice teacher who helps you to understand the workings of your instrument and to realize its potential.  As an artist, she helps you to understand each song and to develop your interpretation, leaving your mark on it.  Her technique is applicable to all types of music, from blues to classical.” 

Y. Benz  - Los Angeles


Having sung for many years, mostly in choruses, I attended Diane Postell’s Vocal Workshop in order to get a new perspective on vocal technique.

Diane followed the “bel canto” method and stressed the importance of protecting the voice through proper breathing and use of the chest, mixed, and head voices.  I was reminded that I have both an alto and a soprano range, which I should not be afraid to connect as a soloist. We were personally critiqued in a very supportive way and encouraged to develop our own voices by finding kinship with vocalists and adding their songs to our repertoire.  I recommend this workshop to singers of all ages and all backgrounds.  Thanks, Diane!"

 Carol E. R. Collins, Ph.D., Baltimore, MD   March 2014    (Find Your Voice Workshop)


Diane taught us about thinking about the reasons that we pick a song and the emotional connection that we have to the lyrics and why, and to use that when we are conveying the song to our audience. I would highly recommend her vocal workshops to anyone who is interested in improving their vocal technique and singing style.​

- Cherie Turlington – Baltimore, MD


I've been meaning to email you to let you know that I loved your class.  I wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I was impressed with how much I learned in just one hour of your vocal class. You are a great vocal coach."

M. Bension  (Los Angeles)  (Find Your Voice group vocal class)


I cannot recommend Diane Postell more highly...if you are looking for a teacher who challenges, nurtures, diagnoses and who is generous of time and spirit, you need look no further. She has worked wonders with my daughter Julia.  Julia has been training with Diane for 2 years now and I'm amazed at what she has learned.  Her ability to hit the notes, catch the rhythms and perform in front of people has skyrocketed.  In addition to learning to sing, Julia is exposed to a really upbeat and encouraging force in her life!"

Rachel Thau - Los Angeles 


I started lessons with Diane Postell six months ago. After less than a month I had several people inquiring what I had been doing to improve my control when singing! After two months I was able to have multiple gigs with my band over the weekend without losing any vocal power or quality. I have been steadily implementing her tools and improving my performance since day one. Diane was recommended to me by a phenomenal singer/friend of mine whom I recently sent a letter thanking her for the referral. So happy to have Diane Postell as a coach!"

Starr Light – Los Angeles, CA 


Friends encouraged me to find a voice teacher so I could really start to sing seriously. In Los Angeles, I found Diane Postell, a vocal coach and an accomplished jazz singer in her own right. To her, the principles of good technique can be applied to all styles of singing, from jazz to classical. She taught me how to develop breath control, how to use the diaphragm below the ribcage to generate more power in my sound, and how to have the voice resonate from my chest. She also encouraged me to follow the music that was inspiring me, despite the fact that I knew no one else who was remotely interested in the 19th century art songs of Schubert. It was as if I had finally torn open a letter that had always been waiting on a table in front of me."

Yarrot Benz – Los Angeles, CA


I was skeptical about going to private voice lessons but teaming up with Ms. Postell was one of the best decisions that I could have made to progress in my music career. She taught me everything from expanding my range to approaching notes in the appropriate ways and strengthening my diaphragm to have more vocal control. She introduced me to the Motown genre and I realized that it was a perfect fit for me. She is willing to work around my schedule for lessons and she makes herself available for additional lessons when I have performances. She is honest and is genuinely committed to seeing me progress. I’ve been going to Ms. Postell for vocal lessons for a little over a year now and I am glad I made the decision because she is a great coach and a nice person. "

Karron Johnson – Baltimore, MD 

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