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Private vocal lessons. Can be done in person or online.

1 hr

Online, Phone, or In Person

Voice instruction is tailored to each student by taking their career goals, experience, and learning pace into consideration. Some things we will focus on are:  vocal technique and correct breathing (the foundation), increasing vocal range, improving pitch and tone, vocal maintenance and endurance, stage performance and confidence, audition preparation, microphone technique, pre-production for studio recording and songwriting. Student repertoire will be selected to suit each student’s needs and goals.

Guidelines and Policies

Please be sure to book a consultation before booking services for the first time in order to discuss your needs. Also be sure to read the guidelines at before booking (failure to follow guidelines will result in a termination of services).

Contact Details

(443) 803-0545

Sarasota, FL

United States

Private Vocal Lessons

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