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Weekly group lessons for Adults. To be done online via Zoom.

1 hr


Having good vocal technique is the cornerstone of an amazing singer.  It gives you the ability to create a unique vocal style.

Postell Productions’ weekly vocal classes are extremely affordable at only $25/class ($100/monthly), they allow you to log in from anywhere so you can stay in the comfort of your own home as you learn, and they provide a small community of students just like you. 

You will learn about correct breathing to help with sustaining long notes, proper voice placement to increase your range, and vocal blending to give you the ability to sing with strength and presence. 

Book your free consultation now to get started on your journey!

Guidelines and Policies

Please be sure to book a consultation before booking services for the first time in order to discuss your needs. Also be sure to read the guidelines at before booking (failure to follow guidelines will result in a termination of services).

Contact Details

(443) 803-0545

Sarasota, FL

United States

Weekly Vocal Classes (Adults)

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