find your voice

weekly vocal classes for teenagers and adults

groups of ten or less

$20 per class/per person




Group classes are a wonderful opportunity for singers to gain basic knowledge and skills in a relaxed setting, in a relatively short time and for an affordable price. Beginning voice classes are intended for students with little or no formal vocal training. They will learn the basics of good, healthy technique singing. Students will learn about vocal anatomy, proper breathing and solid vocal tone, as well as vocal registers and overall vocal health. This class is ideal for singers in chorus classes at school, church or community choirs, bands of any genre, or anyone who would like to improve their singing voice. The goal of the classes is to provide a general overview of the voice and help beginners with some knowledge and basic vocal skills. Intermediate voice classes are intended for students that have had some formal training and have a solid understanding of basic technique. (i.e. diaphragmatic breathing, tonal balance and the ability to sing in all registers). Students will learn about correct breathing technique to help them make better use of breath and to be able to sustain notes. We will begin learning about vocal blending in the registers. Auditioning classes will help students learn how to make the right song selections for their voices, how to fully prepare for the audition process, how to present themselves during an audition and how to overcome stage fright. Students will learn good vocal technique and correct breathing that will assist them for their best auditioning performance. This class is ideal for singers who wish to audition for choruses, musical theatre productions talent shows and competitions (i.e. The Voice) or lead or background singers in a band of any genre.


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